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Gerhard Riebicke

1878 - 1957

Gerhard Riebicke came only late to the FKK photography. As an autodidact it (starting from 1918) was an important sport and press photographer. Only in the 20's-years the former teacher comes into contact with circles, the dance and gymnastic operates and those the body formation and naked culture attaches. Within this range he found new topic tables and photographic challenge - an art, to hold (naked)Kultur and sporty movements in the picture.

Thus it for Adolf cook documented its instruction of its "school for body formation and naked culture" in Berlin.

1925 it became together with Helmy Hurt condition photographer in the physical culture film of Richard Oswald of "ways to strength and beauty".

1929 were Gerhard Riebicke its work on the photo exhibition "film and photo" in Stuttgart involved. Its work was illustrated in numerous books and magazines.
By bombardments of Berlin in the Second World War its archives were destroyed to the majority. After its death its an inheriting the remainder of the Archives then finally destroyed. Many of its photographs remained unfortunately no longer remaining.


The book
"Gerhard Riebicke - photographs"


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