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Trude Fleischmann

Trude Fleischmann, 1895-1990

Trude Fleischmann was a well-known photographer in Austria who worked with "available light" techniques and "photo-reporting." She emigrated to London in 1938 and subsequently to New York and took portraits of Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sinclair Lewis, and others.

Born in Vienna.
Graphic lehr and laboratory.
1920 opening of a studio in Vienna.
As a Jewess 1939 emigration over London to New York.
1940 studio for mode and haven guessing photography in New York, which led it until 1969.
1942 American nationality.
1969 withdrew it from the occupation world and established themselves in Lugano/Schweiz.
After a heavy accident it got 1987 their nephew after Brewster/New York, where it deceased to 1990.




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